Safely clean CPAP masks & accessories

Thoroughly, easily & quickly disinfects your CPAP accessories for you. Protects efficiently against viruses, bacteria & fungi.


✓ efficient cleaning of CPAP masks, tubes and devices
✓ eliminates viruses (95%), bacteria & fungi (99.9%) with ozone and/or UV-C
✓ easy operation with a convenient timer function
✓ compatible with ResMed, Philips, Weinmann, Löwenstein & many more
✓ allows cleaning several accessories at the same time
✓ only power is needed

€ 240,- € 225,- (plus shipping)


No chance for viruses, bacteria & fungi

The greatest danger in CPAP therapy comes from viruses, bacteria & fungi. These can accumulate in the mask, tubing or device and cause respiratory irritation, sinus infections, asthma and even pneumonia. Cleaning is therefore immensely important.

The CPAP CLEANER PRO relieves you of the laborious and time-consuming cleaning by hand. With ozone and UV-C ensures that viruses (95%) and bacteria and fungi (99.9%) are killed.

Proven safety

In independent tests, the GS-CSTC Standards Technical Service laboratory has tested the effectiveness of the CPAP CLEANER PRO. The effectiveness of UV-C disinfection was tested (currently no laboratory offers tests of ozone disinfection). Overall, the CPAP CLEANER PRO eliminated 99.9% of the tested bacteria and fungi and over 95% of viruses.


Simply place your CPAP mask in the CPAP CLEANER PRO for cleaning. At the touch of a button, you select whether to disinfect with ozone and/or UV-C. Then set the duration of the disinfection. At the same time, you can connect your CPAP device or hose and have it cleaned.

With the combination of ozone and UV-C, the CPAP CLEANER PRO offers an incredibly high disinfection spectrum. If desired, however, disinfection by ozone or UV-C can also be selected.
In order to keep the concentration at a minimum during ozone cleaning, air is supplied for twice as long in alternation. This prevents ozone residues and unpleasant odors.


CNSAC is a German specialist in the field of sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy. Customers include clinics, hospitals and medical practices worldwide..

Do you have any questions about the product or how it works? We will be happy to answer all your questions by phone or e-mail.


What is CPAP therapy? Are there any risks?

CPAP therapy

The abbreviation CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure”. CPAP describes a therapy with continuous air pressure, which is an important part of sleep apnea therapy. The CPAP machine creates a slightly increased pressure in the airways. On the one hand, this makes it easier to breath and on the other hand, it prevents the airways from collapsing during sleep. The therapy with a CPAP machine is the most effective method of treating sleep apnea, however, it also involves risks..

What are the risks of CPAP therapy?

One risk, which should not be underestimated, is the infection by bacteria, fungi or viruses. These can accumulate in the CPAP mask, device and hose during use. Diseases such as respiratory tract irritation, sinus infections, pneumonia and/or asthma can arise. The use of a humidifier increases especially the risk of infections, because the additional moisture in the CPAP hose and device are an optimal breeding ground for pathogens. These pathogens can be inhaled unintentionally. Thus causing diseases which often have to be treated with drugs. In order to avoid that risk, the hygiene and disinfection of the CPAP mask, the CPAP hose and the CPAP device are crucial. 

Here you can find a study by Harvard Medical School (Boston) on the subject of “Microbial contamination of CPAP masks” ““Microbial contamination of CPAP masks”


Simply place your CPAP mask & accessories in the CPAP CLEANER PRO. They will be disinfected in just a few minutes.

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